About Us

Introduction about the hospital

Al-Khafji National Hospital started as a multidisciplinary clinic in 1982 and within six years it developed into a fully integrated hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health in 1988. Al-Khafji National Hospital is distinguished by its central location in the city. It also has a responsibility to provide the best healthcare in Al-Khafji. The hospital is working on hiring a highly qualified medical team from various countries to provide the best possible diagnostic and treatment services to its customers. To achieve this goal, the hospital imported and brought the latest equipment & devices available from the top local and international companies that provide the best results and help in facilitating healthcare procedures for all specialties. Al-Khafji National Hospital has different departments covering most areas of medical specialties with support from radiology, laboratory and other departments equipped at the highest level. In April 2015, Al-Khafji National Hospital got the accreditation of The Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions in Saudi Arabia (CBAHI), which is considered as one of the largest centers that evaluate health facilities according to national and international standards.

about alahli

Create a unique healthcare model, and lead the region by providing medical services that exceed customer’s expectations.

We are committed to provide the highest quality of healthcare services and to raise awareness to our customers and their families through continuous improvement, guided by national and international standards to maintain the level of medical care and enhance the quality of healthy life for all society members.

Islamic values:
We’re guided by our Islamic values in our relationship with our patients, clients and society.
Work as one team:
Consensus to achieve the same goals.
Care and Safety:
We’re committed to providing safety, security and privacy to our patients, customers and society.
Continuing Education and Improvement:
We’re always working on developing our knowledge and skills to improve the hospital and society.

CEO Message

Forty years of progress, experience and achievements have passed since the establishment of Al-Khafji National Hospital, and we always look forward to providing the best health services that are in line with our values and meet the requirements and aspirations of patients, society and our partners, to work with sincerity, dedication and high professionalism, and in order to provide the finest health services we have been keen to attract the best specialized cadres In various fields from inside and outside the Kingdom, using the latest information management systems, and following up on modern medical developments. Thankfully, we have gained the trust of our patients and we pledge to provide the best health services according to high quality, and to strive to achieve the desired goals and reach our future vision. Ask Allah health and wellness for all, and to help us to serve all our patients. Quality – Improvement Projects.

Our Commitment to Hiring People with Disabilities We, the Company of Al-Khafji National Hospital Contribute in hiring people with disabilities, to prepare and build qualified leaders with disabilities to work professionally which suits their qualifications in both mentally and physically level while preserving their functional and health rights. As we committed to provide all necessary support, training, and facilitation arrangements to facilitate the work for the employees with disabilities, commensurate with their abilities and the type of disability. Eng. Mishari Alotaibi, CEO and Hospital Director

Administrative Departments